Discus Fish Tank Mates

Choosing the right Discus fish tank mates is important, not just for the well-being of your Discus fish, but also the neighbours too. Discus fish require a fairly specific water PH level,  hardness as well as a high temperature.  This rules out a fair amount of tropical fish species from being suitable tank mates.  Discus fish are not typically considered “community fish” that being said there are a number of tropical fish species that can thrive in a tank predominately set up for Discus fish.

Corydorus The Corydorus are a perfect as Discus Tank Mates

There are countless varieties of Corydorus fish and just about all types are suitable as Discus Fish tank mates.  Corydorus are from a similar  Amazonian area and they are probably the least confrontational and placid tropical fish you will come acorss.

Cardinal Tera make ideal Discus Tank MatesCardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon Axelrodi)

The Cardinal Tetra are also good Discus fish tank mates due to them flourishing  in  water conditions very similar to that of the Discus.  Cardinals are great looking little fish with bold colours that really compliment the Discus.

Rummy Nose Tetra (Petitella Georgiae)

Rummy Nose Tetra - Good Discus Fish Tank MatesMuch like the Cardinals, Rummy nose Tetra also make ideal discus fish tank mates due to sharing a similar natural habitat. There is another extremely useful reason to keep Rummy Nose Tetra with your Discus,  they are a great indicator of the quality of water in your tank.  Rummy Tetra will show a beautiful rose coloured head when the water condition is correct, but if the water quality is compromised, the rummy nose’s head with turn a light grey colour.

Ramirezi make good Discus tank matesRam – (Microgeophagus Ramirezi)

Another brightly colour good looking fish, a Ramirezi will thrive along side Discus and if you are lucky enough, these will successfully spawn in the same aquarium as your Discus fish




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