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Discus Fish Aquarium is your resource site for all things Discus. Many people will tell you that Discus are typically difficult to keep. However as long as you are aware of the requirements to set up a Discus Tank, the fundamental rules of Discus care beyond the general rules of any healthy tropical tank there is no reason why your Discus will not thrive.Red Discus Fish

We hope this website helps you with your decision to keep Discus Fish, and provides you with a useful resource of information on the best practices to maintain the health of your fish for years to come.

The topics we will cover in this site are:

Blue Discus FishAs well as providing useful information on keeping Discus, you can also view picture galleries and videos of some of the most beautiful strains of Discus fish we have come across. There are endless variations to the colours and patterns of a Discus fish. Each fish is truly unique not only in appearance but also in character, we think that’s what makes Discus the most rewarding and fun tropical fish on the planet.

Discus Fish are a joy to keep for those who are prepared to provide regular maintenance of their aquarium. This is because they truly thrive in clean water and require a water change at least once a week in order to keep the Nitrate levels at a minimum. Without regular water changes, nitrate levels in your tank will rise. This can cause ill effects to your Discus fish, effecting their growth, colour and overall development. By making sure you do regular water changes the Discus will remain healthy and content.

Discus Fish Aquairum.com wish you the best of luck with your tropical aquarium, and sincerely hope you choose to keep the undisputed King of tropical fish.

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