Stendker Discus

Stendker Discus fish are the result of over 40 years of careful selective breeding at the world famous Stendker Discus Fish Hatchery in Germany.  With between 200,000 to 300,000 own bred Stendker Discus in stock, the hatchery is the largest in Europe employing over 40 staff members.

Stendker Discus FishDecades of specialist breeding of the Stendker Discus has helped the fish become ever more popular in tropical aquariums across the world.

One of the main reasons for this is that the captive bred discus have evolved to thrive in regular German tap water making them completely different to keeping wild discus fish.  This has allowed even first time aquarium owners a chance to keep and successfully breed them.

Stendker Discus have less variety of colours than the Asian captive breds, as the Asian breeders focus more on competitions and tournaments.  Stendker Discus are bred with health and compatibility as the fundamental goal.  This dedication to the improved health and happiness of the Discus Fish has led to a captive breed  with over 21 different colour varieties growing as large as 20cm and with a life expectancy of 15 years.

Stendker Discus AquariumDuring an interview with Mr Jorg Stendker the following question was asked:

Q. “What is , for you, the Discus of the future?”

A. “A fish that is easy to keep and feed, a strong immune system and a long life expectancy requiring no medication throughout it’s lifespan”

Stendker Discus Information

  • Minimum Population in Tank – 10
  • Minimum water capacity per 10 – 180 Litres
  • Ideal water Temperature – 28c – 30c  (36c is fatal)
  • Total hardness – (TH) 15
  • Carbonate hardness – (CH) 8
  • PH value 7
  • Conductivity – 800

If you are new to keeping Discus the Stendker Discus is the perfect captive bred to choose, and it would be wise to stock your tank with just Stendker Discus.  This will ensure the conditions listed above are perfect for all your Discus fish.

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